This Year

This year. How incredibly impactful those two words are together. This year held an entire world and lifetime of experience, of lessons, of of ache, of sadness, and of resilience. I've been forced to survive what I thought I couldn’t. To learn as best I can how to accept that there are things I cannot [...]


This week we finally were allowed to get Sloan’s beloved blanket back. Another grief “milestone”. It was still in the brown paper bag labeled “evidence” that it had been taken away in. Never accessed, sitting on a shelf for 5 months. I was hesitant to open the bag and look at it. Since the day [...]

Bond of Brothers

The love this boy holds for his brother never ceases to bring me to my knees. He says goodnight to Sloan every night, and good morning as soon as he wakes. He talks about him frequently, he is never shy about bringing him up. He sleeps with this blanket of Sloan’s each night, it is [...]


Today has been 5 months since I last held or touched my baby. 5 months since I last heard his cry or saw him smile. 5 months without the smell of his hair or the softness of his skin. Tomorrow would be his 1st birthday, a bittersweet day for us. Sloan came earth-side two weeks [...]

We’re Having A…

Girl! Phoenix Iris DeRosier will join us in early June! The name came to me when we were driving to our dating ultrasound in October, it was raining and as we were driving down into the valley I saw a rainbow above. The name just popped into my head and I suddenly found myself saying [...]


Holidays are difficult, but not this one. Thanksgiving is about thankfulness, love, comfort, gratitude, blessings, family. All of these things, in abundance. Our tragedy has not jaded us. We have not let it taint our ability to feel and nourish joy. Sloan’s life was about so much more than what happened to him. His story [...]