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Hello November! I’ve taken some time away from writing and posting lately. Life has been busy as we’ve settled into Rowan being in school, Phoenix turning into a little person instead of a baby, and ALL of us preparing for … Continue Reading November


Something I’ve had to accept and heal from lately is the realization that some people will never acknowledge the damage of their conduct in regards to you. So I wanted to write about how important it is in these situations, … Continue Reading Boundaries


Today, he is one year older. Six years ago he came into this world having saved both of us from … Continue Reading Six

Rowan’s Grief

Rowan turns 6 two weeks from today. Lately he’s been remarking a LOT about missing his brother. The fact that my 6 year old child already has a part of his story that includes death, breaks my heart. I’m thankful … Continue Reading Rowan’s Grief

Trial & Arrogance

This week tested me more than I’ve been tested since Sloan died. My emotions and anxiety were so triggered that I was physically ill from it. One of the worst parts was not being able to discuss any of it … Continue Reading Trial & Arrogance

Have You Ever

Have you ever had to think about what you would say for your child’s eulogy? Have you ever had to sign your name on a paper detailing what you want done with the body they left behind? Have you had … Continue Reading Have You Ever