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Seizures Part 2

Our girl had another episode of seizure activity Saturday night, this time not as long or severe thankfully. Her neuro appointment is scheduled for the 12th of March, and eeg for the 26th. I’m so grateful they were able to … Continue Reading Seizures Part 2

I Did the Dishes

People think they know how they’d react, what they’d do. You don’t. Grief is experienced differently by everyone. It is managed differently by everyone. I did the dishes when my son died. After we’d held his lifeless body for hours, … Continue Reading I Did the Dishes

The Salt of the Earth

My parents made the decision 3 decades ago to create life together and they’ve nurtured, loved, and supported those lives unconditionally every day since. Regardless of their own well being, their own struggles, their own traumas, their own wants, desires, … Continue Reading The Salt of the Earth


I wish I had taken more photos. Documented his milestones, saved all the measurements and savored each new moment. I … Continue Reading Wishes