Helping Zeke

Hey friends, today one of my closest friends needs our help! Zeke is their 10 month old three legged rescue pup. They took him in to the vet today and they found multiple foreign objects in his stomach and intestines. Now Brooke and her family are looking at an enormous vet bill for surgery and [...]



The first man I ever loved. The man who fixed my hair when I decided to cut bangs while mom was out of town. Who came to change my tire on the side of the freeway at 2am. The man who went on tampon and pamprin trips anytime I ran out. Who gifts me beef [...]


Holidays are always a struggle since his death. While they’re cherished time with family, they tend to be such a painful reminder of my child’s absence. Easter hit me hard. There should have been another basket, another set of tiny little dimpled hands reaching for hidden eggs, another chocolate bunny smeared face sitting at the [...]