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The first man I ever loved. The man who fixed my hair when I decided to cut bangs while mom … Continue Reading Dad


Every room of our home has a dragonfly or elephant in it. Most of you know why the dragonflies. But If you’ve wondered why elephants, here it is. Posted by one of the girls in the handmade community (originally by … Continue Reading Elephants


When I started building my own brand nearly 4 years ago I had no idea how involved I would get in the handmade world. I didn’t know that some of my dearest friendships would come from this community of brand … Continue Reading Handmade


In 2014 A customer of mine gave birth to her daughter Paisley prematurely. Paisley lived for 120 days in the … Continue Reading Iris

More than a Dr

A little less than two years ago, after our July wedding, I found out I was pregnant again. It was a few months more than a year after our first loss so we were extremely excited. Two weeks later, before … Continue Reading More than a Dr


32oz of water in 45 minutes=pelvic ultrasound time! Ultrasound was this morning, amazingly results were done right away. I just spoke with my Dr and my right ovary has a 12.56ml volume while my left has only 6.23ml volume, meaning … Continue Reading Progress

Test Results

Testing showed that my levels 7 days past ovulation should have been between 10-20, mine were 5.6. Numbers <6 are anovulatory. I’ll hear from my dr Monday/Tuesday to determine our next step in this process, hopefully clomid will be started … Continue Reading Test Results