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Category: Parenting


Today, she is 2. This little fire breather who came thundering into our lives unplanned, when we were unready and … Continue Reading Two

Fed is Best

Breast feeding was a challenge from the get go for us. It always ended up the same…me in pain, Valorie frustrated, and still hungry. I would pump, but I was never able to get more than a measly 1-2 ounces … Continue Reading Fed is Best

Seizures Part 2

Our girl had another episode of seizure activity Saturday night, this time not as long or severe thankfully. Her neuro appointment is scheduled for the 12th of March, and eeg for the 26th. I’m so grateful they were able to … Continue Reading Seizures Part 2

Still Here

Yesterday was one week since our PICU admittance with Vallie. I haven’t posted since we were discharged, because if I’m being completely honest, I’ve needed some emotional recovery. Recognizing how close we’d been to losing her, to losing another child, … Continue Reading Still Here