Mama, I’ve Been There

Mama, I’ve Been There

I want to be honest and upfront about something so many don’t talk about- postpartum depression and delayed bonding with a new baby. There’s such a stigma around this topic, especially with mamas like myself who have previously lost a child. “Cherish every moment” “Don’t take it for granted” “It goes by so quickly” “The [...]

Still Here

Yesterday was one week since our PICU admittance with Vallie. I haven’t posted since we were discharged, because if I’m being completely honest, I’ve needed some emotional recovery. Recognizing how close we’d been to losing her, to losing another child, is deafening. When she was her sickest, they had rushed us through the ER, and [...]


Something I've had to accept and heal from lately is the realization that some people will never acknowledge the damage of their conduct in regards to you. So I wanted to write about how important it is in these situations, to honor YOURSELF and your needs. You have to be strong enough to know when [...]