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Category: Mental Health & Wellness

Stay Home

I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts about everything currently going on in our world. My heart has been heavy with dread, my mind clouded by anxiety and fear. Worrying is tiresome, and I’ve done more than my fair share … Continue Reading Stay Home

Fed is Best

Breast feeding was a challenge from the get go for us. It always ended up the same…me in pain, Valorie frustrated, and still hungry. I would pump, but I was never able to get more than a measly 1-2 ounces … Continue Reading Fed is Best

Still Here

Yesterday was one week since our PICU admittance with Vallie. I haven’t posted since we were discharged, because if I’m being completely honest, I’ve needed some emotional recovery. Recognizing how close we’d been to losing her, to losing another child, … Continue Reading Still Here


Something I’ve had to accept and heal from lately is the realization that some people will never acknowledge the damage of their conduct in regards to you. So I wanted to write about how important it is in these situations, … Continue Reading Boundaries

Toxic Positivty

Here’s a truth for you. I am self conscious of my weight. I have been all my life, but more so now than ever before. Now, before you comment and try to placate or assuage, read further. If someone tells … Continue Reading Toxic Positivty

From Friend to Foe

Recently I’ve detached myself from some toxic relationships in my life. I had begun to realize these were people who did not serve to bring out the best sides of me, and instead induced a subconscious battle with mental health. … Continue Reading From Friend to Foe

Casting A Stone

Since my son’s death, I’ve encountered both support, and judgement. One comment in particular has always stuck out to me: That I’m a terrible person, and everything I do is for publicity. I think it angers me still, because I’ve … Continue Reading Casting A Stone