International Bereaved Fathers Day

It’s International Bereaved Fathers Day today. I think something that is often forgotten in the world of child loss is that- dads grieve too. My husbands grief isn’t something I’ve spent much of any time talking about publicly because I have tried very hard to respect his emotional autonomy. Justin’s grieving has been a very [...]



When I was pregnant with Sloan, as whole heartedly as we wanted a second child, as hard as we had tried, with our miscarriages, the secondary infertility, the testing, the wait, and the meds needed, I was still terrified of what it would be like to bring him home. I had so much fear of [...]

July 1

Three years ago today, we stood in a field at an old dairy farm, having our gender reveal photos taken. I was 17 weeks pregnant with Sloan. We would go on to share our announcement photos two days later, on July 3rd 2016. A year later, he was gone. Sometimes it feels like all of [...]