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Category: Grief & Loss

When Memory Fails

In the beginning, the trauma took over. It was all consuming, hanging over me like a shadow. Any time I would think of him, the images of that day would flash through my mind like a horror movie. I couldn’t … Continue Reading When Memory Fails

Your Words Have Power

Your words have power. I think we all know this, right? Yet far too many people set aside compassion, respect, and consideration when they express them. I have read my fair share of hateful things since Sloan’s death. It’s unfortunate … Continue Reading Your Words Have Power

Our “Home”

Moving into this house happened so quickly. I found it, emailed the agent, and we signed papers within a weeks time. We hadn’t even been inside, I just saw it and it’s surroundings, and I knew. This was the place. … Continue Reading Our “Home”

PTSD and Grief

Sometimes I find myself staring at the floor across the room as if waiting to see him come crawling toward me. I wake up in the middle of the night and sit up in bed thinking I hear him chattering … Continue Reading PTSD and Grief