Tomorrow is your 3rd birthday. The third turn of a year for you, in which you aren’t here. It’s been 2 years and 5 months since I last held or touched you. 2 years and 5 months since I last heard you cry or made you smile. 2 years and 5 months without the smell [...]


Hello November! I’ve taken some time away from writing and posting lately. Life has been busy as we’ve settled into Rowan being in school, Phoenix turning into a little person instead of a baby, and ALL of us preparing for the new baby’s arrival in the coming weeks. This also means Sloan’s 3rd birthday is [...]

International Bereaved Fathers Day

It’s International Bereaved Fathers Day today. I think something that is often forgotten in the world of child loss is that- dads grieve too. My husbands grief isn’t something I’ve spent much of any time talking about publicly because I have tried very hard to respect his emotional autonomy. Justin’s grieving has been a very [...]

Rowan’s Grief

Rowan turns 6 two weeks from today. Lately he’s been remarking a LOT about missing his brother. The fact that my 6 year old child already has a part of his story that includes death, breaks my heart. I'm thankful that our efforts to continue being transparent about our own grief as parents, and making [...]

Let us Complain

The bereaved spend so much time being shushed and made to feel like we cannot share because it’s too sad, too uncomfortable, too inappropriate. We are quieted by people, with solutions, the want to gloss over with positivity, the need to correct, to answer. Even with “good intentions”, certain things just hurt. When we are [...]