Written For Us

For more than 8 years, we’ve been at each other’s side. Sometimes reluctantly, sometimes with difficulty, many times joyously. Our connections to one another go back into our childhoods. We had mutual friends even then. We grew up in the same neighborhood, streets away from each other. We had family vacations to the same places [...]

Let us Complain

The bereaved spend so much time being shushed and made to feel like we cannot share because it’s too sad, too uncomfortable, too inappropriate. We are quieted by people, with solutions, the want to gloss over with positivity, the need to correct, to answer. Even with “good intentions”, certain things just hurt. When we are [...]



When I was pregnant with Sloan, as whole heartedly as we wanted a second child, as hard as we had tried, with our miscarriages, the secondary infertility, the testing, the wait, and the meds needed, I was still terrified of what it would be like to bring him home. I had so much fear of [...]

Eating Happy

I’m not the Instagram mom who is cutting fun shapes out of vegetables, banning all junk, and making sure they get every essential vitamin out of each food pyramid item. My kids eat what they like, when they’d like, with the occasional new introduction. If they don’t like something I don’t force them to sit [...]