Holidays are always a struggle since his death. While they’re cherished time with family, they tend to be such a painful reminder of my child’s absence. Easter hit me hard. There should have been another basket, another set of tiny little dimpled hands reaching for hidden eggs, another chocolate bunny smeared face sitting at the [...]

Behind the Name

I grew up hearing James Taylor songs on my parents stereo, and I’d always latched on to one song in particular, “Fire and Rain”. It has its own meanings for its author, but for me it signifies both the depths of struggle, and the beauty of happiness. Our story is fire and rain. A Phoenix [...]

Toxic Positivty

Here’s a truth for you. I am self conscious of my weight. I have been all my life, but more so now than ever before. Now, before you comment and try to placate or assuage, read further. If someone tells you they are uncomfortable in their current body. Don’t say “Well I think you’re beautiful” [...]