Toxic Positivty

Here’s a truth for you. I am self conscious of my weight. I have been all my life, but more so now than ever before. Now, before you comment and try to placate or assuage, read further. If someone tells you they are uncomfortable in their current body. Don’t say “Well I think you’re beautiful” [...]

Another Wave

Another Wave

On Tuesday I decided I had the courage to call the medical examiners office and ask for Sloan’s file. Last time I asked was when they told us the official cause of death “SUIDS” three months after Sloan died. Once the form had come in the mail for me to fill out and send back [...]

How to Save a Life

I remember what trying to save a life looked like. It’s still so vivid, like when you wake from a dream and you’re so certain it was reality. Only, it’s been over a year and a half and still I wake so certain my reality is a dream. I remember the pallor of his face [...]