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Drool Stained Baby Clothes Solution!

Despite the end of this pregnancy kicking my behind, I’ve been nesting quite a lot. I really wanted to be able to reuse as much of Phoenix’s baby clothes and textiles as possible for the sentimental value, but due to her habit of throwing up everything she ate for those first few months, most of it was pretty stained from the breast milk and formula. I won’t lie to you, and maybe it was my pregnancy hormones, but I totally cried when I pulled it all out of the storage bin and discovered how ruined it all looked.

I was desperate, so I did some research and found a solution to attempt salvaging them. You guys, it actually worked! All but one item came out stain free!

I filled the tub up with 5-6” of warm water, added several scoops of OxiClean (the powdered kind, not spray) and dawn dish soap to it before putting all the clothing and swaddles in.

Let it soak overnight (about 12-14 hrs) wrung them out, and then washed as usual in the washing machine. Good as new! You could also let it sit in mixture in the actual washing machine, but I wanted to soak it all at once and could fit more in the tub.

I had to share, because if you’d seen how upset I’d been before this only to find out how easily fixable it was, you’d have giggled at me!

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