Helping Zeke

Hey friends, today one of my closest friends needs our help!

Zeke is their 10 month old three legged rescue pup. They took him in to the vet today and they found multiple foreign objects in his stomach and intestines. Now Brooke and her family are looking at an enormous vet bill for surgery and care.

Zeke had a rough start in life when he was struck by a car as a 3 month old puppy. Luckily he was taken to a vet where they amputated his leg and Brooke’s family was able to adopt him thanks to Wags. He’s known nothing but love since!

From now until Monday, all 20oz SIC cups at @brayandcoprinting are 30% off with code ZEKEBOI

All profits will be going towards his surgery and medicine. Anything over what is needed for vet expenses, will be donated back to the amazing rescue he was adopted from. 🖤

Click HERE to shop the cause!

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