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I want to take a moment to thank all of you who read my last post and we’re not only so supportive over the past several days, but understood and honored how triggering and devastating it all was. It’s been a very difficult undertaking to move past this setback, but we are trying our best. The experience of the malpractice trial was extremely painful and stressful for us, but if anything the entire ordeal made us stronger together.

There were a few questions asked that I’m happy to address- No, we cannot appeal our case against the doctor. That’s just how it works here and we have to accept it. Yes, Justin’s nerve damage is permanent. We have been through several rounds of unsuccessful nerve block injections, and quite a few different neuropathic pain medications over the past 4.5 years. Unfortunately we haven’t yet found relief for him so its a daily frustration. We have also of course, been limited to what insurance will and will not cover over the years, so it’s a matter of being realistic with those options.

I will not be naming the doctor, or hospital involved. I don’t aim to defame anyone. There are so many doctors who are wonderful and competent in their field, but mistakes do still happen. Then there are those who make bad choices, use experience and arrogance to diagnose rather than utilizing the proper diagnostic tools, and leave patients with absolutely preventable side effects of their actions. We had the latter, and it’s something we will have to deal with for the rest of Justin’s life.

The fact is, doctors mess up. Even when their mistake is of the negligent kind, they are wildly protected by the legal system and there is little consideration for the suffering patients may be subjected to as a result. I will also not be naming the defense attorney. But I will say that this is a perfect example of why medical defense attorneys so often have a bad reputation, there is no length they won’t go to in order to get their win, even if that means intentionally causing emotional damage to the plaintiff/plaintiffs family.

Being forced under oath to omit the entire life of one of our children was both devastating and horrific. Our story is our story, and we never got the choice to omit any part of its destruction or pain in our real life. We cannot help or change that we were dealt that hand, and it should in no way be okay for anyone else to dictate that we erase something that affected literally every aspect of our lives, including the break in Justin’s treatment due to bereavement. The fact of the matter is, all of this was wrong. None of it is or was okay, but we are/were not the ones protected here, and unfortunately that meant an undesirable verdict.

This hurts, but we will be okay. We’ve been through so much together, and our ability to heal, learn, and grow together is a strong one. A solace we find here is that, these people will always have to be “them”, their behavior and actions will follow them, whether you believe that to be karmically, spiritually, or religiously.

Thank you for the encouragement and consideration you’ve all offered up, we appreciate it more than you could know.

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