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It’s Called Impact

For the past two years, Sloan has traveled the world. He’s impacted millions with his story. He has graced magazines, made newspaper headlines, appeared on television news, been the topic of online articles, filled countless conversations. He’s saved hundreds of thousands of other little lives.

He has taught, he has reminded, he has overseen, he has comforted. He has bridged divides and formed friendships. He has raised money for March of Dimes and First Candle. He has raised awareness for crib safety and SIDS. He has pushed medical professionals to better educate new parents.

He has helped teach his brother the value of unconditional love and bond of a sibling, he has taught his sister independence and persistence. He has taught his mother and father that they are stronger than what happened to them, helped them survive when they didn’t think they could.

All of this he has done, before his third birthday. All of this he has done, before his third death day. Sloan was only 7 months old when death took him from us, but the most beautiful part, is that we know his work isn’t done yet.

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  1. Although your tragedy happened 2.5 years ago, I just heard about this for the 1st time. I have a baby who turns 6 months on the 19th. I put him on the floor, he lifts his head well. He’s able to steady himself while leaned against the coffee table. He moves his arms and legs like crazy. I was just thinking about how I could put him in his crib with a blanket because he seemed to be strong enough to prevent danger and loud enough to scream if he struggled. After hearing of your tragic loss, I absolutely know I should not place a blanket with him.

    As difficult as it is, thank you for sharing your story. And thank you to your beautiful baby Sloan who continues to save countless children.


    • 1.5 years ago actually! Not as long ago as it may seem. I’m so glad that Sloan’s story impacted you in some way, it is so easy to think that because they’re active and mobile a blanket should be okay. It’s exactly what I thought. Thank YOU for letting me know he’s still making a difference. ❤️


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