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Post The Selfie

I don’t post a whole lot of photos showing my face. I’m not really sure I could give you a reason why, other than that I just don’t get in front of the camera often myself, sans a few bump photos or snap chat filters. But recently my friend Amethyst posted a sentence about selfies that I really loved. It was something to the effect of “People who have an issue with others posting selfies are really just projecting their own self esteem issues”

And I thought, what a good point! I mean, if someone is comfortable sharing their selfies who is anyone else to think negatively of their confidence? If we find a photo to be a reflection of us that we love, why SHOULDN’T we share it? Why shouldn’t we revel in our own beauty or strength for a few moments? Remind yourself that appreciating one’s self is paramount. There is absolutely nothing wrong with empowering our own being, there are so many worse things in the world than a woman thinking she looks pretty. #posttheselfie

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