In Response

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths a narcissistic person will go to garner sympathy. Unfortunately, since Sloan’s death, we have experienced a few who’ve used him for just that. 
Two days ago, a shop owner chose to randomly message another. She preyed upon her emotions by body shaming her for her weight and telling her to do something incredibly profane. It was vile behavior and the message was exposed to the handmade community in an attempt to warn others of this persons true colors. Many of us commented in support of the woman who was body shamed, expressing how disgusting the words of the other were, and that it was unacceptable. We banded around our friend, we stood up for her and showed that we were NOT okay with this. 
I had briefly spoken with the woman who said these terrible things, in a private message. We talked about her actions towards the other shop owner, and we had both been calm and tepid in our conversation. I had expressed it would be wise to simply apologize for her words and try to make it right. She had seemed as if she was considering it. Yet instead, this woman yet again messaged our friend body shaming her further. 
The very next day, the same antagonist sent her teenager into a large Facebook group of women in our community to harass and body shame yet again. She attempted to pick fights, called names, insulted people’s looks, people’s children, people’s age, and used plenty of disgusting language. Her comments obviously attracted attention and response. Many of us told her to knock it off, that she was over the top, that she was making the existing situation far worse, and that she was far too young to be behaving such a way towards adult women. 
She was removed from the group as a result of her behavior. Hours later, her mother, the original antagonist, posted an outlandish live video on her Instagram. In it, she behaved erratically, crying fake tears, claiming she was bullied, that her daughter was bullied. She then crossed a major line. Preying on my recognizable name in our community, she named me, singling me out and claiming I had threatened harm on her child. This in itself was an absurd lie, everyone had seen I had not said such a thing, and everyone knows I never would. She then brought Sloan’s death into it. Crying and SCREAMING that “HE DIED!!!!!”, that she had “supported us”, and how heartbroken she was. 
Now, let me break this down. Before this week, I did not know this woman. My only interaction with this woman has been reading the terrible things she and her daughter said to another shop owner, commenting several times how appalled I was about it, and that previously mentioned short conversation with her. There were over 1k comments left about her actions in that group. Over 800 other shop owners and brand reps expressed their anger and shock at her behavior. Some were a bit extreme, but most of us were pretty tame and simply defending our friend.
This woman chose to single me out because my name is a very well known one in our community as a result of Sloan’s death. This woman lied about me in an attempt to appear a victim and tarnish me. This woman preyed on people’s emotions and attempted to garner sympathy by bringing up MY child’s death. This is vile. This is horrendous. This is WRONG. 
I am saddened by the last few days. Seeing a shop owner friend be shamed and insulted for her weight, knowing how deeply it affected her. Body shaming is never okay. It is damaging, it is taking advantage of a persons insecurities and using them as a weapon. And when a woman body shames another woman, this behavior sets us ALL back. We cannot accept this. 
Seeing even a VERY small about of people still supporting the actual bully is disheartening. Seeing how successful this woman was in her attempts to hurt others is disheartening. I am also deeply saddened to know that another shop owner, another member of this community, a community I love and support so dearly, could exploit my child’s death this way. 
I am sorry for anyone she has affected with her actions. I am sorry for her, because she is not sorry herself. 

5 thoughts on “In Response

  1. Wow. I don’t know what gets into people sometimes. It sounds like you’ve tried to get some understanding about what’s going on, even though this person has hurt you and your friend. Hurt people hurt. There’s obviously some major insecurity or something that she, herself, has going on. Always easy to tear others down to boost yourself, right? 🙄It sounds like she went after you for just standing up for your friend, and that’s hitting below the belt of epic proportions. I’m so sorry, Jordan. Hopefully, you can save all your correspondence with her in case she decides to stir more trouble up. Again, I’m sorry that she brought Sloan’s passing into it 😢. It was wrong. I don’t understand body shaming, either, and the woman-on-woman shaming is so baffling. We don’t know each other, but you’re an amazingly strong woman, and it sounds like you’re a loyal, true friend. I’m so sorry this happened, and hopefully the woman and her disrespectful daughter find some help :/ . (((HUGS)))


  2. That’s terrible. I’m sorry to you and the others who had to deal with such a vile and cruel person. But glad you have such a good network of women behind you as well. Continue to rise above, Jordan. 💕


  3. God does not like ugly and karma always comes back! So sorry to hear that any supposed human being would tear down others for the most stupidest of reasons. Childish and ignorant and not deserving of any further attention. God bless you mama! I do not know you but you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your journey with the world.


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