I need to say a few thank you’s. The past few days have been a mental and emotional challenge to say the least. It’s near impossible to adequately explain all the different feelings and triggers we experienced with the anniversary of Sloan’s death. What I can express, is that we were held together, perhaps with [...]

Bereaved Sisterhood

Bereaved Sisterhood

I’ve known Jayce since our school years, some 15+ now. Years ago she lost her second child to SIDS, a beautiful daughter named Arianna. I’ve thought about that sweet baby ever since. When I lost Sloan, I suddenly stood in Jayce’s shoes. I felt a connection to her grief and longing that I’d previously not [...]

Impending Trauma

Our emotions are all over the place in these last few days before we mark one year without him. Tuesday is upon us sooner than we are ready for. We are triggered, distracted messes most moments, and delicately reserved ones the rest. I catch myself barely able to string together an audible sentence, sounding like [...]

What Not to Say

About a week ago, my husband told me someone had pulled him aside and made a comment that had really upset him, regarding my pregnancy. I was equally as upset by it when he told me. You see, this person had decided that not only was his judgement of us worth having, it was worth [...]

The Last One

I have held onto this photo for nearly 9 months now, unable to let it out of the privacy of my phone because it was the last photo I’d ever taken of him, at 3:15pm on July 2nd. The last day of his life. I had been testing out new patterns for apparel and he [...]

Third Trimester

It is crazy to think that in only 13 (or less) weeks, we will welcome newborn Phoenix. Only 11 months after Sloan left this earth, his sister will arrive. In so many ways I’m incredibly ready to smell that scent, to touch that brand new, flaky baby skin, to feel another of my newborn babies [...]