The End of an Era

I write this with tears in my eyes. I have made the difficult but necessary choice to close up Hello Cedar Co this year, for good. I have reached a point with the business where I cannot personally maintain the growth and demand without either hiring out, or manufacturing. Neither of these are routes I’d [...]

Mothers Day

It’s late, the room is dark and the hum of the cool air from the vent mixes with the sound of sleeping breaths. She was upset by something tonight, refusing to sleep alone, she needed to be in her mamas arms. Her head rests on the softness of my once flat stomach, now decorated with [...]


Holidays are always a struggle since his death. While they’re cherished time with family, they tend to be such a painful reminder of my child’s absence. Easter hit me hard. There should have been another basket, another set of tiny little dimpled hands reaching for hidden eggs, another chocolate bunny smeared face sitting at the [...]